06 December 2012

Review: 12 Days of Krista May Rose

The autumn semester is finally drawing to a close. The past few days have been ridiculously stressful as I've worked on my formal papers and essays. Tomorrow the last of my papers is due, and after that I'll be able to relax and enjoy the holiday season (and perhaps write a short story that's been buzzing around in my head)! This week, in between researching, outlining, and writing rough drafts, I was able to squeeze in a bit of leisure reading, and finished 12 Days of Krista May Rose by fellow NaNoWriMo writer Rebeccah Giltrow.

12 Days of Krista May Rose
Author: Rebeccah Giltrow
Rating: ★★★★

Like an Advent calendar surprise, each tale of Rebeccah Giltrow's "12 Days of Krista May Rose" is a bittersweet treat. Beginning with her in utero Christmas, readers catch a brief glimpse into the inviting life of Krista May Rose during twelve very different Christmases of her life. Throughout the collection of related tales, life becomes more complicated for Krista, and for some of her Christmases, the glitter is rubbed off and she's left with a memory perhaps more bitter than sweet.

Rebeccah Giltrow's 12 Days of Krista May Rose is a quick read -- perfect for the winter season to read between the business of holiday shopping and Yuletide festivities. Krista's experiences are sure to evoke nostalgic memories of readers' Christmases past. I easily fit 12 Days into my schedule; it was a much needed break from the chaos of the holiday season at work and end of the semester assignments.

Recommended for readers looking for a quick read and something to get in the mood for the winter holidays.

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